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About Rivermead


Our curriculum challenges and extends our learners and enabling them to develop both their personal and their academic skills and knowledge. Our investment in excellent resources and staff development has supported our continuing development and ensured that our curriculum is of the highest quality.
In consequence of the tireless efforts of our committed staff and governing body we have been rewarded with consistently good achievement among our learners. Our learners often achieve successes that neither they nor their families would ever have thought possible. Their outcomes show huge progress from their starting points and we are proud of their achievements which, by the end of Key Stage 4, range from success at entry and foundation level through to 5 or more GCSEs at ‘A* - C’. All of our learners achieve public examinations as well as developing personal and practical skills to prepare them for independence, adult life and the world of work.

For fuller detail please download our curriculum summary. Curriculum


Preparing for Independence

All of the work that we do is to achieve our core purpose. That is to see our young people develop into independent adults who are able to achieve success in their chosen field and can lead a purposeful and enjoyable life.

In order to support our learners towards this goal we look for every opportunity to develop life-skills. Teaching life-skills is an important element of the curriculum throughout the school. In years 10 and 11 it forms an additional and separate element of the curriculum.

Our partnership with MidKent College enables all of our Year 10 and 11 learners to spend a day each week in college following a vocational course, preparing them for transition post-16.

All year 10 learners have a residential experience. They also undertake two weeks work experience.

At the end of Key Stage 4 many of our learners are able to progress independently to courses at MidKent College and other mainstream post-16 providers. Those who require our on-going support to access post-16 courses are supported in our sixth form, based at the college.

After leaving us at the end of Key Stage 4 or the Sixth Form, learners go on to be successful in a variety of employment and further education with some taking their studies to degree level.

Sixth Form

Our sixth form is delivered through our partnership with MidKent College. It enables young people to complete mainstream courses of their choice in the college supported by Rivermead staff. We have a base of our own within the college which is staffed throughout the day by learning mentors and other support staff who have specialist knowledge of our learners’ needs.

Please download our explanatory leaflet for further information. Post 16 Provision

Supporting our Learners

In Rivermead School we respond to our learners in a holistic way accepting that their aspirations, strengths, needs, preferences and experiences all play an important part in their development as learners and as people. We work closely with the learners themselves, their families and other professionals to plan their progress. At all times they are seen as individuals and in consequence they often require individual programmes and curriculum provision to realise their ambitions.

We have a range of provision to address the specific needs of our learners and in addition to the skilled support of well-trained teachers and teaching assistants the school employs an Art Therapist, Learning Mentors and the services of Trained Counsellors. From September 2013 we expect to have our own qualified Speech Therapist on site as the recruitment process is currently underway. In addition to qualified therapists, members of the support who have received specialist training in speech and language, occupational therapy and physiotherapy work under the guidance of our visiting professionals. We work closely with Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists from the local Primary Care Trust, our allocated Educational Psychologist, CAMHS professionals, Connexions and other colleagues outside education to achieve the best for each of our learners.


Personal Development and Well-being

All learners belong to a Tutor Group. They will stay in this group throughout their time at Rivermead School. The Tutor Group is made up of learners from every year group from year 7 to year 11. The Form Tutor will play a key role in the pastoral care, target setting and review of each child in the group. Learners and their parent/carers meet regularly with the Form Tutor to plan and review and the relationship that is built up as a result of this continuity and close contact will support each young person throughout their school life.
The first lesson each day is SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) taught by Form Tutors. It is an integral part of our approach to personal development and well-being. This aspect of learning is addressed throughout the day in both formal and informal settings and we see everything we do during each day as an opportunity for learning.

The Tutor Group meets again after lunch for registration and again at the end of the day in assembly  when they sit together at a table with their Form Tutor and Support Staff.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

A number of extra-curricular opportunities are available before school and at lunchtimes. Every morning the school gym is open for those who want to use our rowing machines, treadmill, cross trainer and other gym equipment. This is a popular activity in addition to the normal games and leisure activities available during social time.
At lunchtimes a range of clubs are on offer throughout the week and include such favourites as Computer, Gardening, Dance, Drama, Guitar and Football clubs.

We use every opportunity to make visits and use the resources in our community. We have two mini-buses and two seven-seater school cars.


Being Part of a Community

Our learners find that it is fun to be an active member of the community. Within school we have numerous opportunities to enjoy working and playing together.
Our learners elect their representatives to the school council which plays a very active role in all aspects of school life. They contribute to decision making and planning for the future. As part of their responsibility they have a budget of their own to purchase games and equipment for leisure use.
The School Council leads the school’s charitable fund raising and we are very proud of their creativity and commitment which has raised a lot of money for good causes.
Our code of conduct below was written by learners and staff together and is regularly reviewed by them. It summarises what we wish for our community.
In Rivermead we:

  • respect one another showing this in the way we speak to one another, the way we treat one another and the way we look after each other’s property.
  • believe that everyone’s ideas are valuable and listen to each other.
  • work hard and allow others around us to work hard as well.
  • look after our environment.
  • care about one another, support and help each other and provide a welcoming atmosphere for all.
  • believe that everyone has a right to be safe and to feel safe.
  • respect school rules because they support the smooth running of our school and ensure that all are safe.
The following link will take you to our latest Ofsted Report.